A Birthday Present for Bob

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A Birthday Present for Bob
Hey all!  I wanted to run something I've been thinking about past everyone here -- specifically, making a birthday book for Bob Dylan full of personal stories, pictures, and memories from fans. Let me explain: a startup called Weeva down in Austin, Texas has a free platform where people can come together and share their stories and pictures -- the end result is then turned into a professional quality book, designed by them. The reason I got this idea was that, several months ago, somebody did something similar through Weeva for Leonard Cohen. Over 250 people came together and contributed (you can see it here - http://weeva.co/books/cohen). I was a part of it and it was actually pretty amazing -- Leonard even got a surprise copy for his birthday! Anyways, if there's enough interest, I can set up a project for Bob Dylan. What do y'all think? P.S. - It's free to contribute but, if at the end you want to buy a book, that costs money (production costs, I believe). 
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Something like that for Bob
Something like that for Bob would be amazing and maybe even a little scary given the intensity of his fans! Thanks for posting rainydaywoman. Feel free to put the idea out over at our Facebook page too, which gets a fair bit more traffic.
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