Summer 2006 - Kait's Headin' For Another Joint Journal

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For me, looking at the sets and hearing from friends online and across the country we excruciating. Usually we find ourselves out on the road earlier in the summer, but this summer was different. This summer we were at the mercy of long travels to shows, job conflicts and plain bad timing. The trip down was beautiful. It’s always nice to get out of the fog and cold up here. We drove down 101 through the sun with a few stops off to visit wineries and do a bit of tasting. We arrived in Oakland the evening before our flight to check into the lovely Motel 6 airport to find that there was a bikers gang also staying there that night. A fitting beginning to our trip. Our flight out to Chicago was early, so we hit the beds with dreams of good times with Bob and friends soon to come. Caroline picked up the rental car when we arrived in Chicago and I could hear the associate at the desk laughing when she listed off the states we would be going into or through on the trip. “We’re going to see Bob Dylan…” Everyone agrees that it’s way cool. There were lots of good and funny times this trip. There always are. We drove into Indiana only to find that there are no alcohol sales on Sundays. Being from Ohio I have the bright idea that we can just zip over there to pick up a 6 pack. Zipping over turned into a 60 mile trip that left us only with Corona. We talked to lots of friends including Linda, Ally, Mark, Michael and Adam. We also made a trip back to the hotel to purchase tickets for the fall tour. I am not sure I have been in that situation before, but I can’t think of anything more nerve-racking than having to be in line for a show as well as think about getting ticket for the next tour. They had been threatening rain all day and sure enough, it came down on us as soon as we got it. The opening acts this time were great! I love Texas and Texas Music. We had the good fortune to meet some of these fine (and down to earth musicians) and I can’t wait to see them again.Ya just can't beat fun-loving musicans and the folks who take care for them! I love these summer ballpark tours for many reasons; the weather is usually warm, the shows are great and there’s Andre. Andre takes care of the folks in line and I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks to him. He is the sweetest and most helpful guy ever on the Bob Dylan tour. He is a dream to anyone who has line anxiety! In Rochester the first person we saw was Matt (originally from Iowa). He said he was going to ask his lady to marry him that day. It was about the sweetest thing I have seen happen in the crowd at the show. Congrats to those guys. A fan can only hope to find someone who shares the passions that they do to share their life with, and Matt and Jennifer have found that! WOW! In Sioux Falls we had the good fortune to see our wonderful friends Robin and Lex. Those two have the stamina of race horses and are the best hearted and some of the fairest fans we know. We hoped to see them and got our wish!
Aside from the sprinkler fiasco in Fargo and freezing temperatures, the day was beautiful. I love the upper Midwest and it’s hard to find friendlier and more helpful folks anywhere in the world. Bob had it all though. That man belts it out every night and I am never disappointed. Guess that’s why I keep coming back. No one in the business has more character and wit than Bob. You gotta love him. Most of all, I love the sparkling rings! -Kait