It’s nighttime in the big city

Rain beats against the window pane

A woman takes a shower before going home to her husband


“Remember, some cars can go from zero to sixty in under 10 seconds. But, here on Theme Time Radio Hour, we can go from 10 to zero in just a little under an hour.”

Singers and Songs

  • Helen Fleming
    Eve's Ten Commandments
  • The Carlisles
    Nine Have Tried (And Nine Have Died)

    “We could use some great musicians who don’t take themselves too seriously nowadays.”

  • The Andrews Sisters
    Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar
  • 7 H Du Matin

    “Wear the red one, Jackie!”
    (clip of English version played as well)

  • 007 (Shanty Town)

    “Song about the rude boy gansta ghetto culture in Jamaica”

  • (James Bond Theme)
    (clip played)
  • Six Days on the Road
  • Duke Ellington and Ivie Anderson
    Five O'Clock Whistle
  • Four Five Or Six Times
  • James Brown
    Three Hearts In A Tangle
  • Cocktails For Two

    “That was all done live in the studio…"

  • I Want Two Wings

    “He wore giant angel wings strapped to his shoulder blades when he performed this song as a street corner evangelist…”

  • The Honey Bears
    One Bad Stud
  • Charlie Feathers
    One Hand Loose

    “The wild man himself, the tip top daddy…”

  • Less Than Zero (Dallas Version)

Other People and Players

The Places

  • Cannes
  • Spencer, WI
  • Minneapolis
  • Hollywood
  • New York City
  • Slayton, MS
  • Memphis

Record Labels

Other Songs and Albums

  • 'In 1964 the group was asked to provide a new theme tune for the ITV pop music television program Ready Steady Go!. They responded with "5-4-3-2-1"
  • "I Got Six" By Grady Tate
  • (Clip played)
  • Going Home
  • Jacqueline Tiab is Back
  • Truck Driving Son of a Gun
  • Trucker’s Prayer
  • 5 O’Clock Shadow
  • I Forgot to Remember to Forget
  • Radio, Radio
  • 5 O’Clock Shadow

The Guests

  • Cat Power
  • Amy Sedaris
  • Elvis Costello

The Movies and TV Shows

  • Schoolhouse Rock


  • Gene Hershelt Humanitarian Award
  • Kennedy Center Lifetime Achivement Award


  • Busman’s Holiday

    Doing something on your day off that you do all week at work

People Who Died While Playing Cards

“I got to blast off!”