Bob Dylan Concerts

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Bob Dylan Concerts
I was blessed to see Bob Dylan 3 times this year . the first concert was at E.J. Thomas hall in Akron OH. Bob was awsm the concert was one of his best I heard many people say it should be recorded an released I feel the 2nd concert was in Louisville KY. Bob and his band were at there best I especially love his solos on harmonica and also love him on the baby grand piano. my third was the americanarama fest in Tampa Florida.It featured Bob weir,Wilco,& MMJ but most people were there to see the master at work Bob Dylan. Once again Bob was at his best new songs were played from the tempest album as well as some older songs there never the same so Bob keeps it interesting.If you haven't seen Bob Dylan Live I encourage you to put it at the top of your list.we are all praying he continues to tour. Bob Dylan is truly a gift from God who shares his musical genius,poetry,lyrics etc.with the world so as Bob would say. Don't you dare miss it!!!!
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That's awesome! I just went
That's awesome! I just went to my first one here in the Virginia Beach area recently and I will most definitely be going to see him as often as possible! I do thank God for him and I do pray for him every night. To me, he is the most wonderful artist there is.

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