Dylan Inspired Music (20th Anniversary)

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Dylan Inspired Music (20th Anniversary)
Hi there,   Great forum.   It’s great to see a section where people can post Dylan related art - I’ve been a big Dylan fan since the early nineties, I’ve seen him several times over the years - going to see him on the first night at Royal Albert Hall this November.   I’m Dan, I’m from the Uk, I started writing and recording music when I was 18 after hearing Dylan, I was amazed at his work ethic and variety of music - since then I’ve somehow amassed around 1000 recordings and over 500 songs (30+ albums), as yet unrecognised by the mainstream music industry.   I just wanted to say hi and share a link to a single from my latest album if anyone wants a listen:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHus1qSIar8&feature=share&list=UUnomQWqrBRkYzk3SuFWp14w   If you like the music, I also have a twentieth anniversary compilation of my music - ‘Unknown’ - it contains highlights from over the years, it’s available for free on my website:   http://www.danielpettitt.com   My style is mostly acoustic singer songwriter and folk-rock but I also dabble in soft rock and pop.   If you like my stuff, feel free to join my group on facebook.   Thanks for reading :)   Regards,   Dan
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Thanks, Dan!
Thanks for sharing your songs! Nice sound to them, and good choices of Bob covers :)
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Life Long Fan......
Hey there all you Dylan lovers! Nice to find this site.I have been a loyal and consistent fan of Dylan ever since I first heard him play in 1967... I was a mere child of 15. When I heard him play, I knew he had a different sound that would take him far into his future career as a song writer, singer, guitarist and O wow! that Harmonica!! Nobody plays the harmonica like Dylan does. He seemingly plays that harmonica and sings with out ever stopping to catch a breath. Amazing.
I have enjoyed hearing his voice change through out the years. The Ft. Collins out door concert he sang with Joan was simply magnificent. Watching him grow up right before my eyes has truly been a pleasure. I love the many different kinds of voice he had and used to his accomplishments. When Dylan was in his 30's, in my opinion was at his best. The man is magnificently gifted. I can easily see how some thought him as a Prophet indeed. He most surely is an Angel from God. Around my house Dylan is a common household word, as my husband of 40 years  I do believe loves him as much as I do.
  I am a singer myself. I love to sing Dylan's songs. It's hard to say which one is my favorite. I guess I just love them all. 
But, I must admit 'Tangled Up In Blue' really is his best. And.... those hats he wore were truly a sight to see. He is definitely a hat man. I like his fedora hat the best he wore when he sang 'Tangled' .  God, what a good looking man   he is!!  I  have sang publicly here and there, at family gatherings, friend's homes, in my front yard, and even in coffee houses from time to time. I always sing Dylan every step of the way. His music is forever ingrained into my mind. Around here we just call him Dylan. I brought up 2 children as they now are Dylan lovers also. What a blessing that was.
 As a young girl and woman I went to every concert of his I could get to. I miss that, but seeing him on you tube at different ages is truly the best gift in the world. Thank God.
To Dylan: hey there you good looking man. You have a heart of gold . Dylan's 'Sermon' and songs are magnificent. Thanks Dylan for being a staple in my life and in the lives of my family and friends. 
I am now 61 years young and when it comes  to Dylan I feel young again. Bless you Dylan for enriching my life for what ??
... 45 years.??!! and that isn't going to change until the day I die.... I love you very much. I pray for you your older years are your best. 72 years and still going strong.  You are a giant sized slice of Heaven. I will love you and your works forever. 
Your life time fan in Oklahoma City...,

Bob Dylan: changed music forever. He is a Paradox indeed....

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