Tomorrow is Friday, we'll see what it brings!

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Tomorrow is Friday, we'll see what it brings!

Who's going where this tour and what are you excited to hear?

I'll be hitting some shows (with my besties... YAY) in my old stomping grounds of OH and MI... Akron, Kalamazoo and Bowling Green. Pretty stoked overall, such a nice surprise to have these shows announced as it seems like a long time since Bob's done a spring US tour!

I'm really excited for Duke Robillard and to hear how the band sound changes with him. Definitely some of those Time out of Mind songs would be cool to have back in the rotation, esp Million Miles. Not sure if he played on Standing in the Doorway, but that would be a favorite to hear too.

Tempest? Anything, since I heard none in the fall, but especially Pay in Blood or Long and Wasted Years!!

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I'm excited you're coming

I'm excited you're coming back over here and visiting the old stomping grounds! :) We are going to have a great time. I am also excited for Standing in the Doorway, and also Tryin to Get to Heaven. Love that one. AND Can't Wait! Million Miles would be great too, yes! What if Dirt Road Blues came out?!?
Dusquesne Whistle, Narrow Way and Scarlett Town are my Tempest picks!

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