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Bob's a funny guy

As I continue to copy over the rest of the Annotated Theme Time archives onto the new site, one of the pleasures amid the tedium of copying and pasting is getting to reread things Bob said and that we made note of. He cracks me up. Thought I would throw some of the gems up here for others to enjoy.

From Season Three, Episode: Night, in reference to sax player Joe Houston:

“…A saxophone player who joined the band at age 16. The band leader hired him because he had the right color suit, he could read the charts pretty good, and he said he could be at the train station at 7 AM. The same way I choose a band.”

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Ha, here's another good one

Bob’s instructions for getting blood stains out of clothing
1. Wet the stain with cold water.
2. Coat the blood stain with powdered meat tenderizer and more cold water; that makes sense – blood is found in meat and tenderizer can break it down.
3. Rub this paste into the shirt and let it sit for about half an hour.
4. During this half hour, consider what you have done. Then rinse, and head for Mexico.

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About the song Manic Depression

“I can’t imagine Jimi Hendrix writing a song called ‘Bipolar Disorder.’

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Keef / Happy

“It just goes to show ya, ya leave people alone in a studio and you don't really need anyone else. Look what Keith did there! Of course, he'd been up for about 4 days when he came up with it. But you have to suffer for your art.”

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Please, tell me where I can
Please, tell me where I can find decifered txt version of TTRH with my host Bob Dylan.
A year ago I was able to search it in web, but now it's unavailable.
Give us a link!!!!
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Your question
I've personally never seen a complete text version of the theme time shows. This website has some bits written out:
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Hendrix was bipolar!!!

Bob Dylan: changed music forever. He is a Paradox indeed....

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