Bob & George Jones - from the Annotated Theme Time archives

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Bob & George Jones - from the Annotated Theme Time archives

George Jones passed away this week. As is evidenced in Bob's multiple playings and mentions of George Jones in Theme Time Radio Hour, he was a fan! Here is what a search of our Annotated Theme Time pages shows regarding George Jones on Theme Time Radio Hour:

Songs Played:
I Heard You Crying in Your Sleep
The Grand Tour
Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong
Let’s Invite Them Over Again
Just One More
Wrong Number
Burn The Honky Tonk Down
A Good Year for the Roses
Take The Devil out Of Me

Bob mentions George on at least 5 other occasions in episodes where he is not played.

Here are a couple of the things Bob says about George Jones in Theme Time:

"We don't usually do commercials here on Theme Time Radio Hour, but we do want to tell you that George Jones has his own brand of dog food, and sausage... enjoy 'em."
“I was looking through my records the other night. Ya know, I have over 70 George Jones Records?! If you look at them all, it gives you a great history of men's haircuts. Here's George in a period of time when he had just grown out his brush cut and had a bit of a mutton chop sideburn look going.”