HELP - Concert Blanket??

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HELP - Concert Blanket??
We were recently given the blanket pictured here.  It is approximately 4ft x 6ft and made of cotton.  It was found in the storage locker of a friend who passed away.  He was a real Dylan superfan.  It looks like it may have been memorabilia sold at outdoor concerts but we cannot find any useful information about it on the internet.  Is it real or fake, old or new, rare or common, valuable or junk?  Has anyone seen something like this before?  Any information you can supply would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi - It's official tour
Hi - It's official tour merchandise, sold at shows. Not valuable in the monetary sense, but a nice thing to have to remember your friend by.
it is official merchandise from a while ago.
I'm actually looking for something like this to decorate my room in the attic.
Are you willing to sell it by any chance? Or does it have too much personal interest for you? kind regards
Chris haynes
I have one as well
I have the same blanket and would be willing to sell it.
Let me know how much your willing to pay and See if we can work it out.

Chris haynes

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