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Love And Theft Live
On this 13th anniversary of Love And Theft, let's discuss live versions! What are some of the most memorable live performances you've been at of Love And Theft songs? Some of mine include:
2001 Grand Rapids & Detroit, MI shows... first times hearing the songs live. Got the debut of Po' Boy in GR; at Cobo Arena in Detroit Bob was wearing a bright red suit (!), I remember the rippin' banjo infused High Water that was amazing and an achingly beautiful Sugar Baby that hushed the crowd so you could have heard a pin drop.
Honest With Me - though I know people who got tired of this one, I think Bob played it so much because it expresses some important feelings and is somewhat autobiographical. I always related to this song and have heard some blazing live versions, including at The Orange Peel in NC where after the line, "I can't tell my heart that you're no good" Bob gave a sly smile and goes, "You're good to me!!"
High Water in Indy in 2002, late show at the Murat Theater. A friend of mine had actually stopped on the way to the show and bought some ladies panties (!) and handed them out to a couple of us in the front to toss on stage if Bob played High Water, and he did. My toss was perfectly aimed and landed right at Bob's feet on the line, "Throw your panties overboard." Not something I'd normally do but it worked out -- he seemed to like it!