uk anyone ? im in Northumberland

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Paula Parker
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uk anyone ? im in Northumberland
I'm 22 and crazy about bob , have been as long as I remember , his voice, his aura , his looks , absolutely everything about him , but of a crazy obsession to be honest , even having his face tattoos onto me , my house , wardrobe , playlists are bob and all things bob. Id give anything to meet him in person. Oh boy , that would be a of a lifetime. The only thing in wishing for before I die.any how, any others in n around UK like minded?
UK, yes
Hi Paula,
Wow you are quite the fan. I thought I was bad (named my 2nd son Dylan).
My first Dylan show was at Madison Square Garden in 1974. He toured with the band that year. Funny story: I was living in New Jersey, and I had an uncle who worked in NYC. At the time you had to order tickets through the mail, and requests had to be postmarked on a certain date. So I got the request together with a money order, and had my uncle drop it into the main post office in NYC on his way to work, well.. when the response cam in the mail, I was the proud owner of 2 -  3rd row center tickets. I guess the rest is history. Many shows later, and I still get excited before every show.
I am now retired, living in Ireland. Are you planning on any of the London shows? It would be great to see him at one of the Royal Albert hall shows.
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