Under The Blue-Marbled Sky by April Melody

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Under The Blue-Marbled Sky by April Melody

This is a cool and creative 'review' in poem form of a show sent in by Fan Club member, April Melody - thanks, April!

  • Under The Blue-Marbled Sky

    April Melody

    November 13, 2008

    Revised *1/12/11 *1/13/11

    A cat fell in the well

    The crowd began to yell

    He takes the stage to everyone’s delight

    The show had just begun

    We were ready for some fun

    We all knew it was our election night

    The times about to change

    After years and years of blame

    And wickedness that bloodied out the sky

    The crowd was choked with cheers

    So many wasted years

    And now we hoped to leave it all behind

    He sang a summer’s song

    Where somethin’s still goin on

    While we swung our hips and soared into the heights

    And when that song was done

    The next thing that he sung

    Started with a spark that set this wheel on fire.

    The tempo settled down

    And he charmed the swayin’ crowd

    The harp pierced the opening night sky

    The next thing that I knew

    You were tanglin’ us in blue

    The nine year-old girl looked up at me and smiled.

    He told us strong and plain

    That war is still a game

    A Master’s game that has no happy end

    He’s sung it all these years

    And it penetrates our ears

    Pointin’ toward the path that we must tend.

    The stage was a brilliant hue

    And we got those Memphis Blues

    Oh my, the crowd will never be the same

    You drove us down the road

    With a travelin’ tempo...of hope

    That our dignity can be regained.

    John Brown marched off to war

    To get some medals for his Ma

    Comes back to her a-beatin’ by war’s horrors

    She hadn’t been able to

    Stand in her dear son’s shoes

    He hands her his medals as the proof.

    Strolling beyond the horizon

    Where the sky has turned deep blue

    The entire world is waltzing now, and right in time with you

    Highway 61’s a-hummin’

    Not far from this venue

    How our hearts were a-beatin’ in times we swore we’d never knew.

    In the North Star State of MN

    Where His Band shot at the stars

    The crowd whistled, whooped and hollared when Bob picked up his guitar

    The banjo howled it’s Alright Ma

    She’s knows what we must do

    The band bore down like a birthin’ Mother chantin’ to her youth.

    The red, red sky was glowin’ now

    A brilliant shade of blue

    Little boys and girls standin’ at your feet, baked in a pie of truth

    The thunder of Mtn. Recile

    Erupted in the Northrop balcony

    Bob pounded on his keyboard, it felt like a revelation to me.

    Suddenly you weren’t talkin’

    Just walkin’ out of plain sight

    Felt like the heavens opened, fear drifted off into the night

    Your mystic garden never looked so luscious

    And all the fruit was ripe

    The crowd was now bathed and mesmerized in a beautiful white light.

    We were havin’ so much fun

    That’s the reason I had come

    There was nothing else I’d ever want to do

    You’ve made me stop and think

    How we all stand at the brink

    And this is why I’ve always had the blues

    “How does it feel?”

    It felt surreal

    You ask us in a rhyme

    To be alone

    With no direction home

    The crowd pondered this in time

    “Since 1941”

    The darkness lasted oh so long

    That’s what you said, I know you meant it true

    Tony stood upright and strong

    With his Obama button on

    The blowin’ wind had always spelled the truth

    “A brand new time has come

    The Age of Light now dawned”

    That’s what you said before the last encore

    The crowd was so alive

    We were so happy that we cried..

    and danced with one another all night long.


    copyright 2012

    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Northrop Auditorium

    November 4, 2008

    1. Cat's In The Well
    2. The Times They Are A-Changin'
    3. Summer Days
    4. This Wheel's On Fire 
    5. Tangled Up In Blue
    6. Masters Of War
    7. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
    8. John Brown
    9. Beyond The Horizon 
    10. Highway 61 Revisited 
    11. Shooting Star 
    12. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 
    13. Under The Red Sky
    14. Thunder On The Mountain 
    15. Ain't Talkin'


    16. Like A Rolling Stone 
    ( Band Introductions Election announcement!)
    17. Blowin' In The Wind